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Truth: Something to believe, or to manipulate. something there's just not enough of.

She is searching for a spiritual truth.
Deception is the means to his end.
Her home becomes his escape, but she doesn't know it.
Filling her loneliness becomes his purpose, but she doesn't see it.
Is 'someone up there' looking after her, or is it someone closer to home?
... And everything is kept from her daughter..

Lead characters

  • A Short History'Sharp to the Flat' is a musical work originally conceived by Martin Day. Some songwriting began in 2006, with the project being picked up again in earnest in 2011. The first draft of the script was completed in 2013 with a redraftings in 2015 and 2017. All the songs (with one exception) have been written in partnership with Richard Milner since 2013.

  • Find out moreThis site contains all there is to know about the 'Sharp to the Flat' project, although we are not ready to share all of it yet. So the script, full synopsis are password protected and only accessible by a few select people. However, you can find here a synopsis, character profiles, previews of all the demo recordings and lyrics.

  • StatusAt time of writing (Dec 2017)
    > The 10th draft of the book (script) is complete
    > Lyrics for 20 songs are complete
    > 20 demo tracks recorded
    > a further 7 songs have been written & demos recorded, but have now been 'retired' from the main story

  • Planned tasks> Record final vocals (near completion)
    > Mix and master recordings
    > Compose incidental music
    > Generate sheet music (started)
    > Further read-throughs & work-shopping
    > Seek theatrical partnership
    > Secure funding
    > Stage show

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Listen to Demo Recordings

The following tracks are available to be heard here.
Hear the song: 'Not What We Planned'Hear the song: 'Lonely On My Own' Hear the song: 'I WIll Enter In' Hear the song: 'Halcyon Days' Hear the (retired) song: 'Are You A Man Or A Mouse?' Hear the song: 'In My Dream' Hear the song: 'Your Call Is Important' Hear the song: 'Let's Pretend' Hear the song: 'How He Loved You' Hear the song: 'Somebody's Watching Over Me'
All demos are now available.If you start here you can chain though them all in sequence. Backing tracks, script and full synopsis are password protected. Access can be obtained from Martin Day.


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