'I Will Enter In'

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    Key: C-major - BPM: 150 - 3min 26 - Duet (Claire, Amanda)


Claire & Amanda:  I will enter in
                             By the only gate.
                             I will enter by my Saviour,
                             In through Him and out to pasture.

                             I will enter in
                             To the holy place
                             By His torn and broken body,
                             Freely given, given for me.

                             Hear the Shepherd's voice
                             Calling me by name.
                             Jesus entered, life surrendered,
                             Carrying my shame.

Amanda:               Now I know it's true.
                             Something changed in me.
                             I can feel my heart beat faster,
                             Sense the nearness of my Master.

                             Now I know you're true,
                             You alive in me.
                             There's a spring of living water
                             In my heart. I am your daughter.

                             You have come to me,
                             Warmed this lonely heart.
                             Loving Father, I would rather
                             Spend my days with you,
                             ...live my life in you.

© M Day 09-Apr-1997 & 06-Oct-2012

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